Keep Safe Essex

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What is Keep Safe?
Keep Safe is a free scheme helping vulnerable residents in Essex to feel safer and more confident out in the high street or town centre.

How Keep Safe Works
Shops, libraries and businesses in town centres and high streets in Essex have joined the Keep Safe scheme to help you. They show a Keep Safe sticker in the window - like this:

Click on a red pin below
to find a Keep Safe venue

How to get a Keep Safe Pack

Click on the 'Get a pack' button and follow the steps

Can I be a Keep Safe member?

You can be a Keep Safe member and request a Keep Safe Pack:

If you are 16 years or over with a disability, learning disability, mental ill health, a vulnerable older person or feel you could benefit from a Keep Safe Pack.

Each Keep Safe area has a lead contact who is happy to help you. You can find their names and details on the Keep Safe Map

Remember, Keep Safe is free and we do not store or share personal information

Find out what a Keep Safe Pack contains

A Keep Safe Pack may contain a variety of different items from a key ring, key card, z-card, key fob and more.
Please click here to see some of the items available

Learn more about Keep Safe

Take 3 Keep Safe Steps

  1. If you experience difficulty, harassment, or are in trouble and distress, when you are out, find a nearby Keep Safe place
  2. Show your Keep Safe card/key ring/key ring tag
  3. Ask someone to make a call for you

How To Plan A Safer Journey

You can use your Keep Safe card all over Essex, which makes planning your journey one step safer, whether you are going out in your neighbourhood, or further afield.

  1. Look at the area you are travelling to on the Keep Safe Map
  2. Make a note of the Keep Safe places. You can get someone to help you with this if you want.
  3. Make sure you have your Keep Safe card/key ring/key tag with you when you travel
  4. Have a safe journey!